We are

a community and space to…

connect with yourself and others

Creative and mindful activities invite you to connect with yourself, bond with other generations, and get to know people from diverse backgrounds. Bring family and friends. Meet new people. Learn more about yourself.

feel like a kid again

Playful creative expression ignites increased well-being and happiness. It will even change your mind (literally).

shift your view

Curious awareness helps you see different perspectives and paths. Whether you want to unblock your mind, solve a problem, move through change, design or build, understand someone else’s point of view, or be more present in life.

Coming in November: Mindful Art Membership

Sustain your curious, creative, connected life with original art plus inspiration. Support your mindfulness journey, spark your creativity, or connect with friends. (Or all of the above!)

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Mindful Tea Breaks™

New schedule and memberships coming soon!


Our signature group experiences.

What We Do


We design experiences for exploring creativity together.

But you don't have to be an artist or an IT genius to be creative. 2020 to now has especially showed us how creative we can all be: balancing changes in routines, taking on new roles, adapting, adjusting, and living.


Mindfulness is infused in our experiences.

But you don’t have to follow a script or daily schedule. There are many ways to be mindful in everyday life – in your own way. We can open the door for you.

"Open to Being programs are unique in how Theresa weaves creative offerings together: whether it's an art viewing and meditation, reading poetry, or making poetry as a group. I'm honoring my time and the time of others with a unique creative offering or experience. To me, that is beautiful."

Natalie C

Our Mission


Open to Being builds community and deep connection through designed group experiences that intertwine art, play, movement, and mindfulness.

We believe in the power of open curiosity and creativity as pathways for a connected, well-balanced, and fulfilling life. We spark your curiosity and creativity to enable you to become open to being

  • connected with your whole self.
  • connected with others.
  • playful and expressive.
  • intentional every day.
  • engaged in the journey, not the destination.

"Theresa is a natural leader, an embodiment of her practice - always putting forth her best self while holding space for others do the same. She raises the bar whatever the situation. Intelligent, creative, compassionate, and fierce at the same time."

Lyn V

Meet Open to Being’s Founder

Open to Being is the culmination of Theresa Esterlund’s work, passions, and life. She weaves professional expertise in education, mindfulness, movement, art, and museum experiences together with her personal practice of connected and intentional living.

Over 25 years, Theresa has led teams in science, history, and art museums and served on the board of multiple arts organizations. In addition to guiding adult and youth yoga and meditation practices, she is also an artist whose work has been shown in juried exhibitions.

Read Theresa's Story

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