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Hi, I'm Theresa

I'm an artist, educator, and founder of Open to Being™ - a virtual community and space for you to connect with yourself and others, feel like a kid again, shift your view, and be more present in life. 

Curious. Creative. Connected.

Open to Being.

Create a new path to your most balanced and fulfilling life!

Together, we'll build community and deep connection through mindfulness and creativity so you can become (more) open to being 

connected with your whole self

connected with others

playful and expressive

intentional every day

engaged in the journey, not the destination

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Let's take the journey together!

Open to Being™ is the culmination of my work, passions, and life. I weave professional expertise in education, mindfulness, movement, art, and museum experiences together with my personal practice of connected and intentional living.

Over 25 years, I have led teams in science, history, and art museums and served on the board of several arts organizations. In addition to guiding yoga and meditation practices, I am an artist whose work has been shown in juried exhibitions.

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What our community says

"Open to Being programs are unique in how Theresa weaves creative offerings together: whether it's an art viewing and meditation, reading poetry, or making poetry as a group. I'm honoring my time and the time of others with a unique creative offering or experience. To me, that is beautiful."

Natalie C

“Theresa is a natural leader, an embodiment of her practice-always putting forth her best self, and holds space for others do the same. She raises the bar whatever the situation. Intelligent, creative, compassionate and fierce at the same time.”

Lyn V

"Before the [Mindful Art] activities I consistently assigned judgement to my thoughts and observations. Now I find myself pausing and trying to just acknowledge without judgement. It was a great reminder that mindfulness does not require us to make sense or place value the moment."

Annalee S

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