Reconnect with friends or family. 

Feel renewed and inspired.

Boost your mood and your brain.


Our signature monthly experience, Sparkshop™, is an innovative, mindful, fun (and even a little unconventional) way to explore a meaningful topic with people from around the world.

Each 90-minute one-of-a-kind virtual experience blends together playful, reflective, and collaborative activities to spark your curiosity and creativity. Discover the surprising and energizing results of being creative together.

You’ll feel the benefits of slowing down and trying new things. 

You’ll learn something new (maybe not exactly what you expected). 

You’ll leave feeling connected, energized, and with an extra spark.

Sparkshops™ are your new monthly get-together activity!

  • Hassle-free ticketing and virtual technology lets you include loved ones from all over the world.

  • Activities for your mind, body, and spirit.

  • All experience levels welcome (including none).

  • New topics each month.

Our summer series is available now

June 24: Delight and Disruption

July 22: STILL life - still LIFE

August 19: Balance

Get a group together and purchase up to 10 tickets to gift to your friends. 


You’ll feel the benefits of slowing down and trying new things. 

You’ll learn something new (maybe not exactly what you expected). 

You’ll leave feeling connected, energized, and with an extra spark.


Delight and Disruption

Thursday, June 24

7-8:30 pm EDT

STILL life - still LIFE

Thursday, July 22

7-8:30 pm EDT


Thursday, August 19

7-8:30 pm EDT

Discover moments of delight and disruption in art and life. Share perspectives and collaborate on poetry (even if you think you can’t write poetry). 

What delights you? How does disruption affect you? Can you recognize when delight and disruption exist in the same time and space? How does it feel to experience both simultaneously? What does that look like?

Get inspired by photographs from our online exhibition, mindful movement, and dialogue. Explore, reflect, and create together as you weave words and ideas into collective poetry to be included in the exhibition. 

STILL life - still LIFE

Thursday, July 22

7-8:30 pm EDT

Explore the idea of a “still life”, and spark your creativity through personal or collective still life expressions of what matters most to you. 

When you hear the phrase “still life,” what images or ideas come to mind? Which word - still or life - is more important to you? What objects, words, or ideas would you combine to create a still life expression?  

In art, a still life might be representation of mundane aspects of everyday living, a reminder of the fragility of life, or a window into a personal or social moment. Join together in an engaging, interactive virtual experience to explore what artists across time and culture have communicated through the still life genre and the role social media plays today in reinvigorating it, especially throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Get inspired by a variety of images, words, and points of view on meanings of “still life,” and dialogue about how and what it is can document, memorialize, message, or represent. 

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Thursday, August 19

7-8:30 pm EDT

Explore balance in body, art, nature, and life as you come together to create a collective sound expression.

Is balance a natural or designed state? What does it take to balance two (or more) objects, colors, shapes, sounds, ideas? What does it mean to have a “well-balanced” life? Does everyone agree on what balance looks or sounds like?

Compare examples in architecture, music, sculpture, and painting to reveal your perspectives. Experience mindful movement to explore balance in your body, mind, and spirit. Get playful and collectively compose music without needing to ever sing a note or play an instrument. 

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Hi, I’m Theresa

I am the founder of Open to Being.

I’m a professional educator and an artist. I weave expertise in learning, mindfulness, movement, art (and sometimes other areas as well) together with my own personal practice of connected and intentional living.

The art-making process of collage allows me to express reflections of my imagination, inspirations, and introspections: wondrous worlds that are microcosms, windows that open to the inside. Collage is also about bringing disparate items together, seeing them in new ways, experimenting with connections, and creating something that is experienced differently altogether than only the individual pieces. This is the essence of Open to Being experiences.

As an educator, I guide learning that is personal, responsive, and innovative (and often unconventional or surprising). I believe every teacher’s task is to design and establish a space and opportunity for transformation and that direct experience is essential for transformation. From my own experiences, I know that teaching - like life - is a practice. Transformation happens in the teacher too.

Connection is at the heart of our Sparkshops™. That’s one of the reasons I go beyond familiar group activities to ones that are more collaborative and collective. Through the process of playing and creating together, we gain new perspectives and build bridges to better understanding.

“With an Open to Being Sparkshop™, I look forward to the open, experimental nature of the experience; Theresa’s compassionate presence and ability to facilitate and hold space for the participants; and the potential for new ideas, perspectives, and relationships to emerge.”

Elizabeth B.

“The Delight and Disruption Sparkshop™ was uplifting, communal, and welcoming."

"I was surprised by the fun of writing poetry together!"

Delight and Disruption Sparkshop™ participants

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