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Mindful Tea Break

A monthly creative mindfulness gathering with a supportive community

A 4-week package that includes three live 30-minute guided mindfulness gatherings on Mondays at 5:30 pm EDT; access to a private Facebook group; online extras and resources; and a bonus live gathering time to ask questions, share insights with each other, and connect.

All experience levels (including none) and backgrounds welcome.






Our signature experience

A 90-minute thematic program that weaves together creative expression with mindful movement other activities. You can expect: playful exploration and personal or collective expression as well as quiet, contemplation, and reflection.

Movement is appropriate for a full range of bodies, ages, and comfortability levels.

“Open to Being workshops have a lot to offer! Before, I was feeling overwhelmed, unbalanced, and unmotivated. The workshop inspired me to take one day at a time, to set small achievable goals, and to let nature take its course instead of letting it overwhelm me, an insight that was much needed in the face of 2020 when so much was out of personal control.”

Megan H



It's easy to include loved ones from all over the world. 

Bring two friends and get 10% off all three tickets.



Custom-designed for your group

Want to bring friends or family together? Decide who you want to gather with and we’ll work with you to design an Open to Being Sparkshop or BEtreat that meets the occasion and group.

"I liked everything!        I loved the movement, the meditation, the creativity, the personal reflection, and the connection with others."

"Thank you for YOUR creativity and for this really unique offering!"

Sparkshop participants


Beginning at $350 for a 90-minute experience for up to six people. Three weeks advance registration required.

Contact us to inquire


Coming soon


Like a retreat - but different!

BEtreats™ encourage you to step out of your routine. We also intentionally design them to be a part of your life. These experience range from a few hours to a few weeks. They are in-depth, exploring a topic at length or through varied lenses. You can also expect conversation and community that builds over the time we are together (and hopefully beyond).

Find out when BEtreats™ launch

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