Bring more mindfulness into your everyday life.

Build compassion.

Open to being more curiously aware.

Mindful Tea Break™

An easy, comfortable, creative, and fun way to explore mindfulness together. Live meditations and online resources in a convenient 30-day package to experience your way.

We’ll provide a focus, guidance, and support. You bring yourself (and your own tea or other relaxing beverage, if you choose). Together, we’ll create community.


Mindful Tea Break™ is stress-free:

  • Simple scheduling. (All four live gatherings are only 30 minutes. You get the full online package for a month.)
  • All experience levels (including none).
  • Come as you are. (And it’s ok to turn your camera off while we practice.)
  • No special clothing, gear, or materials. 
  • No travel time to factor in. (You can join from your home or wherever you are.)
  • No “right way” to do it. (Our curious, creative, and connected approaches let you find what works for your life.)

This is your time to try something new or practice what’s already familiar in a new way.

This is your space to explore connection with yourself and each other, mindfully.

This is your community that invites and supports you in curious and creative exploration of more mindful living.

What is a Mindful Tea Break™?

Our unique 4-week package is offered most months and includes:

Three 30-minute live mindfulness practices

One 30-minute live community gathering (without meditation)

Access to recordings

Meditation recordings available the Monday after each gathering.

Mindful Tea Break Facebook group

for community connections 


Bonus resources, information, and ideas

to support your journey

All in a dynamic online portal with everything in one place.

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This is your time to try something new or practice what’s already familiar in a new way.

This is your space to explore connection with yourself and each other, mindfully.

This is your community that invites and supports you in curious and creative exploration of more mindful living.


Hi, I’m Theresa

I am the founder of Open to Being.

I am a lifelong “seeker” - someone who strives for balance and harmony in my life.

Since I was a teenager, I’ve practiced all kinds of meditation. I’ve always focused on what resonated most with me in any given moment, situation, or time of life. That is what has made it possible for me to integrate curious awareness into my everyday life.

I’m a professional educator. In addition to teaching meditation and yoga since 2012, I created museum programs, exhibitions, and materials for the past 25 years. 

I weave expertise in learning, mindfulness, movement, and art (sometimes other areas too) together with my personal practice of connected and intentional living.

I’ve found that the practice of teaching mindfulness is itself a practice, and connecting with people along the journey deepens connection to myself as well.

What our Mindful Tea Breakers are saying: 

“Before Mindful Tea Break™ I thought about the small details of doing. Now, I think about just being and feeling in the moment.” 

“I have taken meditation courses with Theresa and always found them relaxing and fulfilling. The discussion and activities leading up to the meditation were insightful and gave me something to focus on while meditating and made the experience fuller and more enlightening.”

“It’s a beautiful moment of peace as you get ready for the work week.”

This sounds wonderful! I'm curious...

I’m still curious - why tea breaks? 

“I’m kind of a tea nerd. I love the rituals of both coffee and tea - the social experience, the special equipment and accessories, the process of making and tasting. To me, though, there’s something special and different about tea. I find drinking tea more relaxing - it’s about taking the moment to slow down or pause. Herbal teas are my favorite, but even caffeinated tea seems more soothing, calming, and nourishing to me than coffee does.”   

Theresa Esterlund

Plus (maybe you noticed this already?) Theresa’s name begins with T!


One more thing:

When can I sign up for the next one? 

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