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Delight and Disruption: a juried call for photography 

What delights you? How does disruption affect you? When are these words actions versus conditions? What sparks your curiosity about connecting them? 

We welcome a variety of photographic expressions or representations of delight, disruption, or the intersection of these ideas—whether reflecting on recent events, communicating a personal response, or crafting imaginative or futuristic scenes. We are especially interested in unaltered snapshots. Non-professional artists are strongly encouraged to submit. 

Selected photographs will be incorporated in Open to Being’s April Sparkshop online program of the same name to spark dialogue and reflection among paying Sparkshop participants. Collective poetry, inspired by the photographs and Sparkshop activities, will be the created and featured along with the selected photographs in the online exhibition. 

This call for photography is open to all styles and photographic processes and will be juried by Theresa Esterlund, artist, museum educator, and founder of Open to Being, LLC. 

Request: Photographs for Open to Being Sparkshop™ program and related online exhibition. Digital entries only.

Eligibility: Artists of all levels who are at least 18 years old.

Entry Deadline: April 5, 2021 (9:00 pm EST)

Online exhibition dates: May 14 to August 1, 2021

Entry fee: none

Juror’s statement:

The photographs for this call will be used by Open to Being’s April 22 and 24 Sparkshop participants to spark dialogue and inspire their creativity. It is especially important that there be a personal connection that brings participants into your point of view while encouraging open interpretations that diverge from your own. I’m interested in submissions that represent your individual and/or cultural response to “delight” or “disruption” as well as ways your expression of these concepts has been challenged or changed. I’m seeking photographs that are evocative, illuminating, intriguing, and innovative. Because this is an online exhibition that represents Open to Being, I will also give careful consideration to images that resonate with our mission and values. 

All submissions require a written statement, which may be used in the Sparkshop program, exhibition, or related marketing materials. Please take time to consider the words that will be connected with your photographs.


Theresa Esterlund is Founder of Open to Being, LLC, a virtual community that provides a space for people to connect with themselves and each other through creativity and mindfulness. Prior to 2020, Esterlund’s professional career spanned 30 years as an educator and leader—at the Smithsonian Institution, multiple private museums, art centers, and both public and private schools. Highlights of her museum work include creating and presenting engaging tours and gallery experiences, designing interactive online learning, and writing interpretative materials for art, culture, and history exhibitions. In her collage artwork, Esterlund presents mystical scenes and imaginary worlds as well as introspective images that reflect what’s inside, under, and between the layers of the Self, life journeys, and metamorphoses. Esterlund served on the founding board of the Children’s International Art Outreach as well as boards of community arts organizations in the Washington, DC area. She holds an undergraduate degree in Biology and a Masters in Education, both from the College of William and Mary. 

Open to Being believes in the power of open curiosity and creativity as pathways for a connected, well-balanced, and fulfilling life. We build community and deep connection through designed group experiences that intertwine art, play, movement, and mindfulness. We spark your curiosity and creativity to enable you to become open to being connected with your whole self; connected with others; playful and expressive; intentional every day; and attentive to the journey, not the destination. We welcome everyone to our community and strive to continuously seek connections that will diversify our community and enable us to flourish in new ways.

Learn more about Open to Being

Entry Requirements

  • Maximum number of images: 3
  • All photographs must be your original creation. 
  • Photographs must be suitable for a general audience of all ages, including children. Open to Being, LLC, reserves the right to reject any photograph that is not deemed to be appropriate. 
  • Images should be in .jpg or .jpeg format, 1200 pixels along their longest edge. File size must be less than 3 megabytes. 
  • No watermarks.
  • Only complete submissions will be considered.


Entry Process

1. Submit form at the bottom of this page.

2. Check for email from Open to Being™ following your form submission. This email will have detailed instructions for submitting your photographs. If you don't see email, look in your spam folder or email us at [email protected].

3. Send photographs and additional information by email.

Please note that you must submit form AND send photographs and other information requested by email in order to be considered.



  • Submitting artists will be added to Open to Being’s email subscriber list. They may opt out at any time. 
  • Participation is voluntary and submission of artwork does not guarantee selection.
  • By submitting art, the artist acknowledges that work selected and posted will be used without compensation.
  • Open to Being will not sell photographs but may direct interested buyers to contact artist, based on information submitted in entry.
  • Open to Being reserves the right to adjust deadline(s) and conditions and will post updates on this page. 
  • Artists, whether selected or not, are welcome to join one or both of the April Sparkshops as paying participants. Selected artists agree that they will not be asked in the Sparkshop to talk about their work and they will be open and respectful to Open to Being’s choices regarding the format, flow, and process of the Sparkshop. 
  • Open to Being may contact selected artists in advance April 22 for additional information or statement to include in the Sparkshop.


Usage Rights

The artist retains all copyright to the images submitted. By submitting images you are giving Open to Being, LLC, the right to use the images for the purpose of activities in the fee-based Sparkshop programs, marketing the Sparkshop and exhibition, for reproduction in the online exhibition, and archival purposes. Artists grant the use of their image(s) as stated without further contact or compensation from Open to Being, LLC. Artist’s recognition is provided with any use.



This call is closed. 

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