Back to normal…

Dec 13, 2020

This year is not normal. This December is not normal.

Or is it?

Winter is a time for hibernation. For slowing down. For storing up. In nature, it’s normal for plants to retreat and for animals to move less. Or not move at all. In nature, rest and quiet are the norm for winter months.

Yet, typically, humans tend to become more active in the winter. We increase our activity, rather than slow down. Maybe because moving generates warmth when it’s cold. Light, music, and conversation counter dark and quiet. Doing things, especially with other people, can bring more joy in an otherwise bleak time.

But consider this:  if settling in, getting quiet and still, in winter is actually what’s normal in the natural world, then by having to stay in, not being able to travel, spending more time with fewer people - perhaps we are returning to normal. Already. Right now.

I really get why people want to “get back to normal.” Especially now, in winter, with more pandemic closures ahead. It’s almost as if we can hear the shout:  IT’S TIME! Or maybe there’s another (loud) message: We NEED to get back to normal!

But what if right now is normal? Going further, what if we drop the word “normal” completely? What if right now is?

Isn’t that an interesting question?