Mindful Art Membership

Enhance your curious, creative, connected life with monthly workshops, weekly motivation, and one-of-a-kind art cards created by artist and Open to Being™ founder Theresa Esterlund.

Membership is currently closed.

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Our Mindful Art Membership is for anyone who wants to connect with other people (known and new) and live a more balanced and fulfilling life!

This membership is for you if you: 

enjoy connecting in real time as well as through social networks.

like sending cards, writing, or journalling.

like making things, getting crafty, and sparking your creativity together with people.

want reminders, tips, and easy practices for reducing stress and being more present in your life.

appreciate art and want to explore different ways art can spark reflection, insights, and awareness for enhancing your life.

want to invest in your self and your whole health - mind, body, and spirit.

want to support an artist in keeping her own creative practice moving forward.

love the idea of trying new ways to open to being…curious, creative, and connected!

Mindful Art Members

  • receive original artist-made cards (not prints) mailed to you every month or in seasonal bundles.
  • express your creative and crafty self in Members-only, virtual Sparkshops™ (our version of a creative art-making workshop) and other live events.
  • renew and refresh your daily life with weekly mindfulness tips, motivation, ideas, and practices from Theresa.
  • make connections with new people and build deeper ones with your friends and family.
  • be part of an inspirational and supportive community. (Our easy-to-access social network is mobile-friendly and not on Facebook.) 

About the art cards

Theresa’s one-of-a-kind cards are signed works of art, suitable for framing.

Cards are blank inside and stamped on back with artist information.

Cards and envelope weight makes them perfect for journaling, and media are protected to help them last longer.

Most cards will take regular postage (but we recommend double-checking before mailing).


About the events

All events happen within our Members-only social network community.

Sparkshops™ and other events are live and virtual to support connections with people around the world.

Our events are short (30-45 minutes, tops!) and at varying times so you can fit them into your life.

Examples of events include: making journals from cards, full moon relaxation, poetry writing, mindful art meditation, and more!

About Theresa

Theresa is an educator, artist, and mindfulness guide whose teaching draws from her deep experience and expertise. 

Through playful, reflective, and collaborative activities, Theresa sparks curiosity and creativity for renewed energy, balance, and connection.

Theresa’s approach to mindfulness is rooted in tradition while integrating a contemporary and highly personal emphasis. She emphasizes everyday practices for every body and is committed to holding the space for all people and experiences.

“An invitation to connect with your own spiritual or religious beliefs, traditions, culture, and practices is always important because I believe that enables you to build a stronger path to and deeper experience with your whole life.”

Read Theresa’s background and journey

About the community feature

Our easy-to-use Members-only social network community is a great way to be connected with Open to Being™ and like-minded people while learning and sharing about art, mindfulness, creativity, and similar topics.  

You’ll have access to special video and audio resources within the community during your Membership.

Theresa shares creative mindfulness prompts and ideas weekly within the community to spark your curiosity and invite you to try new ways of integrating mindfulness in everyday life.

Access to our community is for current (paid) Members only.


Watch a New Moon Intention Meditation for a preview of what's inside the Membership







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