Theresa's Story


Hi, I’m Theresa.


I am a multi-faceted connector, teacher, and artist.

I am imaginative, divergent, creative.

I take risks (sometimes cautiously).

I love to laugh.

I’m an introspective and down-to-earth Taurus.

I strive to live as determined and kind as my father and as insightful and strong as my mother.


Like you, I didn’t expect any of what I experienced in 2020. I had different plans my life at the start of the year. But in truth, one of the greatest gifts of 2020 was the unplanned time and space to reconnect with my whole self. Deeply and completely. With all of my seasons, rhythms, and cycles.

I emerged (sometimes kicking and screaming and crying) from the ashes - like a phoenix. Through the process - the fire - I gathered everything I know, love, and have experienced into who I’ve always been.

Throughout my life, I have realized over and over how moments of suffering can - and do - lead to beautiful openings. I am so, so grateful for the openings. Sorrow, discomfort, and even pain co-exist in life with happiness, ease, and peace. All are elements of a fulfilling life. Pain and joy. Closures and openings. Altogether.


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"Art-making is an extension of mindfulness for me, another practice that brings me closer to myself and to the many layers of life. April Evening describes my artistic endeavors by representing a time between - winter and summer, day and night, reality and imagination. Through my artwork, I dance between insights and ideas, expressing transformation through layering materials and images."


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Smithsonian National Museum of American History

Smithsonian Freer|Sackler Galleries

The Textile Museum

National Building Museum



Penland School of Crafts

The Art League School

private instructors


Yoga and mindfulness

Holistic Hatha Yoga (Pure Prana Yoga Studio)

Mindful Yoga Therapy (Veteran’s Yoga Project)

Teaching Yoga to Seniors (Kimberly Carson & Carol Krucoff)

Budding Yogis Kids Yoga & Mindfulness (Circle Yoga)

Mindfulness for Children and Teens (YoKids)



M. Ed. (Special Education)

B.S. (Biology)



My career path has been an organic journey. I went to college planning to be a doctor, but I felt in my gut that wasn’t right for me. So I regrouped, explored other directions, got a Masters Degree in Education, and began a career as a special education teacher in both public and private schools. This path led to a discovery of museum education, which led me on amazing adventures in the Smithsonian Institution as well as private museums, art centers, and libraries.

Along the way in my 30 year career as a teacher, I explored my artistic side and found a visual voice through the medium of collage. The art-making process of collage allows me to express reflections of my imagination, inspirations, and introspections: wondrous worlds that are microcosms, windows that open to the inside.

A lifelong seeker with an essential spiritual life, I studied, practiced, and taught yoga and meditation as well.

At my core, I am an educator. As such, I have always mentored and coached. I guide learning that is personal, responsive, and innovative (and often unconventional). I believe every teacher’s task is to design and establish a space and opportunity for transformation. I also believe direct experience is essential for transformation. From my own experiences, I know that teaching - like life - is a practice. Transformation happens in the teacher too.

I am committed to practicing holding the space for all kinds of people and experiences. I am committed to practicing making and maintaining authentic connections with fellow humans. 

Through Open to Being, I design transformative experiences for you to live your most fulfilling life - curious, creative, and connected.