About Open to Being

Open to Being came to life in 2020, a year filled with tremendous grief and disruption, along with incredible opportunities for opening. To being. With one another.

Meet our Founder

We spark curiosity

To be curious is to question, inquire, and wonder. When we develop a more curious awareness of life, we can be more open to our experiences, every moment. This allows us to recognize joy within chaos and ease within complexity so that we can see ourselves and each other more clearly.

Our experiences are communal, collective, and collaborative

Each one of us is a unique human being, unlike any other, and also with so much in common. We are individuals. And we are collectively human. We are meant to go through life together. Our brains are wired for us to depend upon each other. We need to learn from and with each other to survive and to evolve. We thrive through connection.

We cultivate connections through creativity and mindfulness

Creativity - in its purest form - is opening to something new. Opening to creativity sharpens your mind, improves problem solving, and generates joy. While creativity certainly can result in a product, idea, or solution, you don't have to prove creativity by what comes out of it. It's not necessary to explain your creative expression. Or to understand someone else's.

Mindfulness is opening to everything that is happening in a given moment - thoughts, feelings, physical sensations - without caught up in what's going on or trying to change it. Although there are techniques that work, the bottom line is that it has to work for you in your life at this moment. As you practice more curious awareness - the heart of mindfulness - you can become open to more creativity.

Are mindfulness and meditation the same thing? 

Yes, no, and maybe! Download and share our simple infographic.


Our Values


We believe in the essential role of compassion to create a better world.


We hold ourselves accountable to always act with self-awareness, honesty, responsibility, and respect.


We welcome everyone to our community and accept you exactly as you are. We continuously seek connections that will diversify our community and enable us to flourish in new ways.


We are better and stronger together.

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